I Make Gains With a Little Help from My Friends

By: Sean Young
Magazine 7 #4

Planning my contest diet the key staying lean off-season

My friend Dallas and I had a running joke going. Which of us would be the first featured in Beverly’s No Nonsense Magazine.The problem was we were both relatively new to bodybuilding and had a long way to go. In fact, we’d read about Beverly in the No Nonsense Magazine and saw their products at our gym, but had never even tried them.

My first personal contact with Beverly came a few weeks later at the NPC Indiana Championships. Don’t think I’m getting ahead of my story here. Dal and I went to the Indiana as spectators not competitors.

Taking my bodybuilding to another level

My first up close and personal impression of Beverly was a HUGE one. Huge in the person of Jeremiah Forster, Beverly’s representative at the Indiana. Jeremiah was very patient and informative. He answered each of our questions and motivated me to take my bodybuilding to another level.

Dal and I both decided we’d train for a competition four months away. A week or two later I walked into Paramount for my workout and to my surprise; there was Jeremiah behind the desk. He’d started working at my gym! He’d be there to personally guide me throughout the next three months of contest dieting and training. What a break!

Things went great! One week out Beverly hosted a contest seminar. I learned just what to do the final week and what to expect at the contest. The seminar information went a long way in calming any lingering fears about my first competition. Contest day arrived and Dal and I had the time of our lives. We were hooked!

Now, I knew this was going to become a big part of my life. I woke up the next day already planning my off-season diet and training. Jeremiah stressed that one of the keys to his success was staying lean off-season. I thought I was already too skinny but after seeing the fantastic changes I’d made in three months on the Beverly program why not give it a try in the off season as well. It was time to make some major changes in my typical college student life where any type of food or drink was fair game.

Working with Jeremiah I learned a lot about training, diet and what types of Beverly supplementation work with specific food plans. My family supported me 100%. My dad even asked Jeremiah to help him with a diet. The result – an 85 pound loss. I continued to keep my bodybuilding progress on track while I completed my undergraduate work in Physical Therapy.

Sean Before

Although I’d been varying my diets and supplement programs with information from the Beverly Newsletter and Body Muscle, Jeremiah formulated my best one to date. I gained 8 lbs. muscle while reducing my bodyfat from 8.3% to 7.6% in just 10 weeks. In addition it was relatively inexpensive and very easy to follow even though I had to go away from home to complete my clinicals for PT.

Gain Lean Mass Diet

  • Super Pak with meal 1 on non-workout days
  • 3 ZMA before bed on an empty stomach
  • 3 Flax caps with each meal
  • 1 tablespoon Creatine Select 3x daily
Pre-Contest Diet:
Meal 1: 8 egg whites, 1 scoop Muscle Provider, and 1 cup of oatmeal fried in a skillet like a pancake
Meal 2: 6 scoops Mass Maker or 4 scoops Mass Maker & 1 scoop Muscle Provider
Meal 3: 8 oz. Chicken Breast, 10-oz. sweet potato or 1 cup cooked brown rice, or 1.5 cups kidney or refried beans, and 1.5 cups vegetables
Meal 4: 6 scoops Mass Maker mixed in 16 oz. water
Meal 5: 12 egg whites, 1 cup of oatmeal, ground cinnamon, and 2 packets of Sweet-n-low all mixed in a skillet like a pancake or 6 scoops Mass Maker
Meal 6: 2 cans tuna and 2 cups vegetables
On training days: a 7th meal: 5 scoops Mass Maker

Supplements during training: 20 Mass Aminos during training – After training: 10 Muscle Mass, 2 Antioxidants, 1 tablespoon Glutamine, 1 Super Pak

Thank goodness for the emphasis on Mass Maker shakes. I sometimes had to sneak into my office for a meal between clients. The problem was I could take only a minute between clients. The solution – a 60-second Mass Maker shake. The nutritive quality of Mass Maker allowed me to consume as few as 3 solid meals on some days and still make great gains.

I was lucky enough to hook up with Kevin Burger at OSU. Our schedules coincided perfectly. We’d both work during the day, train at night, and then work on posing. Kevin and I loved living the bodybuilding lifestyle. Kevin actually constructed a bodybuilding website and he and I became regular contributors to the Beverly discussion board.

Upon returning home my training intensified with Dallas and Jeremiah pushing me to the max. I started a precontest diet plan with Monday and Thursday carb meals like you’ve seen in all the Beverly publications. I added one twist that I looked forward to every Thursday night. I’ve posted it on the Beverly Discussion Board and it seems to be a hit with all who’ve tried it.

My Legendary Carb Meal Bread Recipe:Amounts may vary according to your diet program

  1. Bake a 10 oz. sweet potato until soft
  2. Blend cooked sweet potato, oatmeal, banana, and water into a thick paste
  3. Add two teaspoons baking powder and place in a bread pan
  4. Preheat the oven to 375° and bake for 35 minutes to an hour (cooking time will vary depending on amount of water added)
  5. Once done baking you may place it in the refrigerator and eat cold or eat warm. You can melt the butter on top and cover with ground cinnamon and a sweetener such as Equal. You can eat the vegetables on the side or blend in with the carb meal (mushrooms taste best blended in!)
Sean in Peak Condition
My off-season plan included as many as 4 Mass Maker shakes. With my busy schedule I knew the nutrient quality of Mass Maker was enough to take in minimal meals and still make great gains

Two months out from my contest, the NPC Natural Northern USA I began postgraduate work in Physical Therapy. Now, time management became a must. I was spending extra time on my studies, refereeing soccer on the weekends for extra money, while following my precontest diet, training and posing schedule. Luckily, my professors were very understanding. Can you believe they let me eat meals during class, labs, and even tests?

The day of the Natural Northern USA arrived. There were more than 120 competitors. I was entered into the very tough Junior Division. Sixteen competitors in all. I took 3rd and my friend Kevin was 4th. First and second places also went to friends and fellow Team Beverly members Tim Mielke and Jim Collins. Think about it. The top 4 in this Drug Free highly competitive contest were all Beverly users.

More gratifying than my top 3 placing was the progress I made during this very demanding year. I competed 13 pounds heavier than the year before, yet my conditioning was better than before.

To get a bit philosophical I’d like to use the words of Rudyard Kipling to sum up my feelings about the great support network I had throughout my best year in bodybuilding to date. Now this is the law of the jungle – As old and as true as the sky; And the wolf that keep it may prosper, But the wolf that shall break it must die. As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk, The law runneth forward and back – And the strength of the pack is the wolf – And the strength of the wolf is the pack.

Dallas, Kevin, Jeremiah, you guys make a great wolf pack!

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