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By: Valerie Dussell
Magazine 7 #4

My first two years of competition were near disasters

The first year I was too skinny and felt terrible. The next year I was too fat with incredible hunger cravings. My goal for 2001 was simple – compete in my very best condition with excellent health both physically and mentally.

First a little background information. I’m 43 years old, and didn’t touch my first weight until the age of 40. My husband Dusty and I live in a rural, remote area of north central Washington State. We own three businesses. I train horses, so I guess you could call me the “Iron cowgirl”! Dusty was working out long before he talked me into trying it and the rest, as they say it, is history. Along with training, I soon developed an interest in nutrition and started another business selling sports supplements.

My first competitions were the West Coast Natural and Evergreen State Championships held in mid September 1999. I followed no set diet plan and did a lot of things wrong, such as way too much cardio. I still managed to earn a second place and a third place in the women’s novice division. But, to be honest, I hated the way I looked. Yes, I was sort of lean – well, really just plain skinny. I felt even worse. My diet, designed by a friend was brutal. It left me cranky, hungry and tired. I wasn’t sure if bodybuilding was for me.

My favorite supplements are: Muscle Mass – I just love the pump, Muscle Provider – the absolute best protein powder.

Valerie Dussell Iron Cowgirl

GH Factor for tightening my legs; Joint Care – hey I’m 43! Lean Out – this one is a sleeper with several fat mobilizing and general health benefits.

In December of that year, I attended a Charles Poliquin seminar. Charles is considered by those "in the know" the top trainer in the U.S. and Canada. At the seminar Charles said he recommends Beverly supplements. He’s had many different supplements tested and Beverly always comes out on top. When someone of his caliber speaks I listen. I got hold of Beverly as soon as I got home.

I was learning everything I could about nutrition and supplementation. Beverly newsletters were my prime source of great information. I competed in our local gym’s contest again and this time placed second (up from 10th the year before), the winner was a customer of mine who I helped to lose over 40lbs! I came in great condition using the diet from Beverly as well as their supplements. I felt good and looked great.

Next, I decided to train for the 2000 Evergreen and the West Coast Natural in hopes of breaking out of the novice division. Unfortunately, I fell prey to the outlandish claims made by new supplements coming out on the market from other companies. I felt compelled to try them but in the process did not follow the diet and supplement program, which had served me so well earlier that year.

As a result my condition at both contests left a lot to be desired. The new supplements I tried hurt my condition. I was fat and disappointed with myself. The entire precontest period had been a struggle with horrible cravings and then the inability to get lean made the entire experience negative.

It was time to get back on the BI program. Here’s how I finally reached my goal of best ever condition with a healthy mind in a healthy body.

I started at 140 lbs. with 20% bodyfat, feeling very fat. First, I eliminated all wheat and dairy products from my diet. I used Ultra 40, Mass amino acids, Muscle Provider, Ultra Size, and Joint Care.

My workouts consisted of the basic lifts: squats, presses, deadlifts, etc. Cardio was limited to 20 minutes on the treadmill after each workout except on leg day. I lost an average of 2-3 lbs per month, gaining lean muscle at the same time. Mid July, my weight was 128 lbs. I dropped Ultra Size for Muscle Provider; Lean Out, Muscle Mass and Muscularity were added to the program. The fat was melting away. My records show a loss of at least 1 lb each and every week. Just like clockwork! I stuck with my plan and did not fall for any new supplement hype this time. I’d learned my lesson the hard way.

Exactly one month before my competition, a dry lightening storm passed over our area and ignited a wildfire. Since the area we live in is remote, rugged and dry, we have our own equipment and are trained for fighting wildfires. However, this fire had a life of its own. It went on and on switching directions with every change in the wind. Our home was at risk at any given moment. Because of the danger, roadblocks were set up. Going to the gym was out of the question. I still managed to eat right and got in tons of hiking (in 100+ temperatures), as I kept my eye on what the fire was doing.

During this time I called Beverly because my weight dropped so quickly I was concerned about losing muscle mass. Jeremiah gave me some ideas and my weight stabilized. Life was chaotic as the fire showed no signs of coming under control. We measured the fire by the mile. In the end it was finally contained although several homes had been lost. We were blessed as the fire did not reach us and our area remains beautiful.

Back to my program, it was now just two weeks from the contest. I contacted Beverly for help with final details. Roger answered my questions promptly by e-mail and helped me fine tune week-by-week for three consecutive contests. I won first Overall Master’s Women at the Evergreen State Championships, another first at the Inland Pacific Natural, and 2nd at the Washington Ironman.

V shape contest figure

The challenges I faced could have easily blown me off track, first a natural disaster in the form of a wildfire that threatened my home, then September 11 shocked us all just three days before the contests. Any of these could have served as an excuse for not completing my goal. What follows is my story of how I succeeded both in competition and more importantly in achieving personal goals.

I arrived at each contest in excellent condition, not hungry, full of energy and ready to step on stage. I know that this could not have happened if not for the support of the Beverly crew and their awesome products. I use their products exclusively and I have access to every known brand and supplement out there. Also, I do have to report that I experienced no cravings and did not cheat once during the precontest period!

Training, Cardio, Diet

  1. 4:00 a.m. – arise, fix a cup of coffee and have my quiet time to read something inspirational
  2. Then it’s off to the gym. I keep my workouts to an hour or less in duration
  3. I usually lift 4 days a week and do cardio the other three
  4. I still focused on the big lifts and lifting heavy
  5. I kept moving between sets by lapping the gym for 30 to 60 seconds
  6. This year I did cardio outside at home. I power walked up and down hills and never knew what I might run across, deer, bears and even a skunk or two
  7. Four weeks out I switched to sprinting, two sets of 10 with a short break between the sets. This really brought out my legs and further tightened me up
My lifting was split as follows:
Monday-legs, Tuesday-chest, Thursday-biceps and triceps, Saturday delts and back.
My precontest diet followed the Beverly plan precisely:
Meal One 4 oz. chicken, 3 egg whites, 1 yolk, ½ grapefruit
Meal Two 2 scoops Muscle Provider, 2 tbsp flaxseed oil, 2 tbsp psyllium fiber
Meal Three 4oz. chicken, green salad with romaine lettuce, red pepper, tomato, cucumber
Meal Four 2 scoops Muscle Provider, 1 tbsp flaxseed oil, 2 tbsp psyllium fiber
Meal Five 4oz. chicken, green salad as above or stir fried tomatoes, zucchini, spinach or rolled up chicken in romaine lettuce


Ultra 40, 3 Muscularity, 2 Lean Out per meal
2 FitTabs with first solid meal in am, 2 more in pm
3-4 Energy Reserve and 2 Lean Out prior to cardio
10 Muscle Mass before workout, 5 more every 15 minutes during workout
5 grams Glutamine after workout
6 GH Factor twice a day on empty stomach (added at two weeks out)

My favorite supplements are: Muscle Mass, I just love the pump, Muscle Provider the absolute best protein powder for my body, I use it year round. Ultra 40 for increased energy - another supplement I use all the time, GH Factor for tightening up my legs - used during final two weeks, Joint Care – hey I’m 43, also used year round, Lean Out – this one is a sleeper that has several benefits and finally the 100% Egg protein – which I add to Muscle Provider.

The truth is that bodybuilding is a passion and very much an individual sport. As bodybuilders we stand alone, no one else can keep us on our diet or on our training program. You may have all the support in the world, but in the end it is all up to you. That’s why it’s so helpful too have a diet plan laid out so that all it requires is for you to follow it exactly. Take it from me, you don’t know as much as you think, put your faith in the plan they work up for you and be a winner!

If I can be of any help you may e-mail me at

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