How I Attained the Best Condition

of My Life at 50!

By: Charlie Gripp
Magazine 7 #4

At age 48 I’d placed 6th in my first bodybuilding competition. My conditioning was decent but honestly I was out-muscled by more experienced competitors. I knew what I had to do. In two years I’d be 50. My goal was to win the Cincinnati Open Masters Over 50 in 2001. I knew that at my age gains don’t come easy. My work was cut out for me. But, I had two weapons in my arsenal that would give me a needed advantage.

My trainer, Doug Gibson and nutritional supervisors, Beverly International were the best in the business. If it could be done, I could do it with this support network. But, I needed to add some serious muscle. When I started my quest for the Over 50 title I weighed 152. I knew I’d have to take the stage in the mid 160’s and a bodyfat percentage below 6% to have a shot.

Doug is a former NPC Mr. Cincinnati and NPC Ohio overall champion. His training methods focused on high intensity cycle training for power and endurance. I trained with Doug one day per week and employed his methods on my own for the other five training days at Fitquest in Westchester, Ohio. If you’re reading this publication you’re already familiar with Beverly. But let me reiterate what you read about their service and supplements is, if anything, understated. Using Ultra Size and 100% Egg protein with a sensible bodybuilding diet I saw my weight slowly increase to 172 the first year on Beverly supplements. Another year with Doug and Beverly, I was ready to start precontest preparation at 182 and 12% bodyfat.

Charlie, Throphe and Muscle Provider

At 15 weeks from the Cincinnati I started my contest diet and learned a valuable lesson. Measure and record everything you put in your mouth. I had cleaned up my diet and added cardio yet the first three weeks made no progress. At the 12 week point Jeremiah at Beverly said it looked like it was time for a RADICAL CHANGE. No more starchy carbs other than the twice a week carb meal.

During the next 4 weeks I made amazing progress. I lost 8 lbs. of fat and actually added a pound of lean muscle. Now, with 8 weeks to go I just needed to lose 1 lb. fat each week. I started mixing up my cardio from the treadmill and bike to kickboxing and intense boot camp training classes under Linda Mitchell at Fitquest. My supplement schedule included 1 Super Pak daily; 4 Lean Out and 4 GH Factor capsules three times daily before meals; and 6 Ultra 40 (liver tablets) and 4 Mass (aminos) with meals.

Fish, Fish and More Fish

At one of my training sessions Doug mentioned that he would often switch his protein sources to Fish, Egg Whites and Muscle Provider at a month out from the show. He suggested I talk it over with Roger to see if he thought it would help. Roger agreed completely. He said it would shred me to pieces.

My diet on March 7 consisted of:
5:50 a.m. 4 Lean Out, 4 GH Factor before cardio
7:00 a.m. 6 egg whites, 5 oz. Cod, 1⁄2 grapefruit, 1 Super Pak,
4 Mass, 6 Ultra 40
9:00 a.m. 2 scoops Muscle Provider, 2 TBS Heavy Cream,
5 strawberries; 4 Mass, 6 Ultra 40
12:30 8 oz. Halibut, 2 cups salad, 6 egg whites, 4 Mass, 6 Ultra 40
3:15 p.m. 6 oz can of tuna, 6 egg whites, 1 Tomato; 8 Mass, 6 Ultra 40
4:45 p.m. 4 GH Factor, 4 Lean Out then Train
8:30 p.m. 8 oz Halibut, 1 cup broccoli, 6 egg whites, 8 Mass
Charlie Ripped

Of all the products I’ve used Muscle Provider is my favorite. It was great to use on the weekends when my diet schedule was thrown off. I always had a container on my nightstand. If I missed a meal or part of a meal during the day I used Muscle Provider to make sure I got all my protein and calories for the day. I also depended on Muscle Provider before and during the competition. The high protein intake hardened my muscles with no bloat whatsoever.

March 10 I attended a pre-contest seminar at Beverly. It was fabulous. Even though I’d competed before and thought I knew what to expect I learned things that I had never even thought about. I learned exactly what to eat the final week, exactly how to train the final week, the best way to tan, even what to do if I made it to the overall pose down!

I competed one week later in The NPC Northern Kentucky. What a warm-up! My class had 10 competitors. Two were former NPC champions who each weighed 210 +. Imagine my surprise when I was called center stage on the first call out! As it turned out I was just two points out of first. And I still had 3 weeks to go for the Cincinnati.

Roger said to eat anything I wanted for the next three days then get right back on my diet. I had three beers and a steak that night, some junk Sunday morning, but by Sunday afternoon I was back on my diet. I was just too psyched up.

During the final three weeks I cut back on cardio for I did not want to lose any muscle but I did not deviate from my previous diet. No way I wanted to add even an ounce of fat. Three days before the Cincinnati Doug asked how I was feeling. “Flat and skinny!” Doug said that’s exactly how you’re supposed to feel. Once again I followed the same final week program that I learned at the Beverly seminar.

Saturday morning I awoke, went to the mirror and couldn’t believe my eyes! I was full, hard and ripped to shreds. That night I walked off the stage with the 1st Place trophy!

Here’s my advice to anyone whose goal is to compete in the best condition of your life. “Keep a journal. Record cardio sessions, training, and everything that goes in to your mouth.” Nutrition is more important come competition time than training. Follow the Beverly program to the letter – meals and supplements.

Fun Facts – Charlie Gripp’s Diet January 7 – April 21
Food Consumed:
51 grapefruit
52.5 lbs. Green Beans
30 lbs. Broccoli
135 lbs. salad
60 Tomatoes
20 lbs. Sweet Potatoes
40 lbs. Chicken Breast
83 Dozen Egg Whites
24 lbs. Oatmeal
8 lbs. Bananas
7.5 lbs. Sirloin
52.5 lbs. Tuna
17 lbs. Cod
12.5 lbs. Halibut
1.5 lbs. Orange Roughy


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