2002 NPC Northern Kentucky Bodybuilding

By: Greg A. Daniels
Magazine 8 #1

Championships Women’s Overall Winner

Those of you able to attend the 2002 NPC Northern Kentucky Bodybuilding Championships witnessed a spectacular show with an equally spectacular turnout with close to 2000 people in attendance. This was its first year at the spacious venue of the Northern Kentucky Convention Center; of course, anything less and it may not have been able to contain the spectators and the more than 150 competitors in this year’s show.

Kim Sommers side chest center stage
"My secret? Stay dedicated to your training and diet, and use only the best bodybuilding supplements you can by – Beverly International."

Some of the best amateur bodybuilders from around the Northern Kentucky / Cincinnati area dazzled the audience as they battled it out for the first place trophies, and ultimately, the overall title. There could be only two overall victors that evening, however, and perhaps the biggest on stage that night- pound-for-pound- came in the form of a 4’11″ dynamo carrying enough muscle on her petite frame to make most men jealous, including me. Her name is Kimberly Sommers. Evident by her supreme conditioning, she has been a long-time user of Beverly supplements for the past seven years.

I had the privilege of speaking with Kimberly immediately upon her being crowned the women’s 2002 NPC Northern Kentucky Bodybuilding Championships Overall winner. I learned as much as I could about her in the few minutes we spent together. However, after a grueling 16-week precontest diet prepared for her by Roger Riedinger of Beverly International, she was obviously eager to begin the celebration of her accomplishments that evening with her husband and some long-awaited food of the non-diet variety.

Kim has been training with weights for 22 years and began lifting because she wanted to look like a bodybuilder. It cannot be argued that she has no doubt accomplished her goal. Although she displays beautifully the symmetry, muscularity, and balance of a bodybuilder, she has an extensive powerlifting background as well. This explains the thick, dense muscle tissue that copiously covers every inch of her 108 lb frame. Her best squat, she says, was 505 lbs in the gym / 451 ¾ in competition, and her best deadlift was 380 lbs. No small feat for a woman of such small stature!

Kim began her Beverly diet at 130 lbs, 16 weeks out from the show. Under the watchful eye of her husband, Matt and generous advice from Beverly, she said she ate a lot of egg whites, grapefruit, chicken, turkey, and sweet potatoes, with her "key vegetable" being green beans because they were easy to prepare. She intimated to me that at times the diet was rather painful, though she endured the roller coaster ride to come into this show in phenomenal condition. Beverly supplements made all the difference, she said. "I used nearly every one of their supplements in preparation for this show: Ultra Size, 100% Egg Protein, Muscle Provider, Mass Aminos, Ultra-40’s, GH Factor, Energy Reserve, Bev ZMA, etc."

When I asked Kim for her thoughts on Beverly International, "They’re awesome" was her immediate reply expressed with the utmost conviction. She continued, "I wouldn’t go anywhere else, to be totally honest. They’ve got it together. What they say is in their products is in their products. No second-guessing whether it will work for you-it WILL work for you. We (i.e., she and her competitive bodybuilder husband, Matt) have done the trial and error thing with other supplement companies, but this is where we’re at-this is Beverly (motioning toward her physique). We’ve got the key now."

Roger and Kim
Precontest dieting can seem overwhelming, but the payoff makes it wothwhile. Roger was extremely proud of how well kim stuck to her diet

I had the opportunity to question her briefly on her training. She laughs saying her workouts involve, Following my husband around the gym trying to do half of what he does! Joking aside, she did finally admit to sticking with the basics in her training and keeping it simple.

Her bodypart split is as follows:
  • Tuesday: Chest and Biceps
  • Wednesday: Legs
  • Friday: Shoulders and Triceps
  • Sunday: Back
Kim well developed back and biceps

Though she has many years of training under her belt, it may surprise many of you to learn that this was Kimberly’s first bodybuilding competition. However, with a powerful discipline, a diet tailored specifically for her by Beverly, and the extensive use of Beverly supplements, she was able to achieve a condition unsurpassed by any of the other female competitors in the show. Kimberly Sommers walked away the clear winner of the 2002 NPC Northern Kentucky Bodybuilding Championships. Her simple words of advice were these: Stay dedicated to what you are doing.

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