On the Road to the Nationals

By: Kurt Windisch
2002 NPC JR Nationals BW Champion
Magazine 8 #1

The "Law of Attraction" as described by personal success gurus states that you will attract into your life the people, resources, and opportunities consistent with what you think about most of the time. Almost two years ago, after winning the bantamweight class at the 2000 NPC Novice Show-me Naturals in St. Louis, I wrote down a goal to compete at the national level. Little did I know then that the resource and person I would attract to help realize that goal would be Beverly International and Mark Ritter, who works for Beverly.

Can you believe the difference Beverly supplements and Mark’s advice made in my condition?

I’m a database administrator and computer programmer during my day job. You’re probably thinking to yourself that I’m a musclehead geek, and you’d be entirely correct. I’ve been lifting weights for 13 years and bodybuilding competitively for 9 years. I was literally the proverbial 98-pound weakling. At 5’5" I can remember tipping the scales at exactly 98 pounds back in 1988. My wife of 11 years, Sue, was the person that originally got me in the gym. She worked out at a health club when we first started dating in 1990. I weighed a paltry 125 pounds at the time and thought joining would be a great idea to build my body and my confidence. I eventually proposed to her nine months later over the intercom at the health club where we worked out. The beauty of this story is that I can blame her for my bodybuilding lifestyle when she gets tired of helping cook my six meals a day and running to the grocery store every other day. This is an important part of the road to the nationals, as I could not have made it without her friendship and support.

Kurt Windisch

Fast-forward through the learning experiences of trying many workout routines, diets, and competing in five bodybuilding shows. I’d won a few novice shows and then won my class at the 2000 NPC Show-Me Naturals in St. Louis. Shortly after the Show-Me Naturals, I wrote down a goal to compete at the national level.

I formulated and put into writing a plan to accomplish my goal. First, I’d compete as a lightweight at the 2002 NPC Caveman Classic in St. Louis, a national qualifier run by a great couple, Les and Erica Turilli. If everything went according to plan, I would qualify to compete nationally at the Caveman and then compete at the Jr. Nationals in Chicago six weeks later.

My training was pretty much the same as for my past shows; although my new training partner, Chuck, pushed me through some high volume days and heavy, deep squats that I wasn’t used to! I ate clean all year round, keeping my protein high and varying my carbs based on whether I was trying to build muscle or drop body fat. I started my pre-contest diet at 160 pounds, 11 weeks out from the Caveman. Things were going great. I was slowly lowering my carb intake week by week with a high carb day twice per week. I had built up my cardio to six 30-minute sessions per week. At seven weeks out, I’d already lost eight pounds. I had a pile of Beverly newsletters that I’d received but never really read thoroughly. For some reason I decided to go back through them and see if I could find anything helpful. My precontest regimen was going well, but I felt it was time to get some advice and supplements from a company that works with national-level athletes. This was the best decision I could have made.

Kurt and Sister Lynn
I was just as proud of my sister Lynn, as I was of winning my class at the Jr. Nationals, visit fitnesslynn.com

Here’s the first nutrition and supplement plan that Mark sent:
Meal #1
2 whole eggs + 4 egg whites
5 oz. 93% lean beef
¾ cup oatmeal before cooking
1 TBS Flax Oil
Meal #2
Protein Drink: 2 Scoops Ultra Size, 4 TBS whipping cream (2 oz.), and 12-oz water
4 oz chicken breast and 4 oz beef, ½ cup of brown rice
Meal #3
8 – 10 oz. chicken or turkey breast (before cooking)
6 oz. sweet potato or ½ cup cooked brown rice
2 cups vegetables (broccoli, etc.) or salad with 2 TBS. Low Cal Dressing
Meal #4
(same as for meal #2)
Meal #5
8 - 10 oz. 93% lean beef, chicken or turkey breast, fish, deer and once or twice weekly sirloin steak
2 cups vegetables
1 TBS Flax Oil
Meal #6
8 egg whites, 1 yolk
1 cup omelet vegetables
2 scoops Ultra Size mixed in water only

I was pretty nervous about changing my nutrition plan. Mark’s recommendation contained more dietary fat in a day than I would normally eat in a week! But I had made up my mind that I was going to follow Mark’s advice to the letter with both the nutrition and supplements. Over the next three weeks, I dropped just one pound, which I really liked. I was already under the lightweight cut-off at 151 pounds and was not crazy about losing a lot more. Mark also talked me into cutting out my cardio. The great thing besides holding more muscle, I was able to hit the snooze button several more times each morning.

Mark changed my diet for the final three weeks. He cut most of the fat, and replaced the starchy carbs with fibrous carbs. I switched from Ultra Size to Muscle Provider for one of my meals, and dropped my total meals to five per day instead of six. Every Monday and Thursday I replaced my fifth meal with a high carb meal. Mark had me switch to Muscle Mass in place of Mass Aminos during my workouts, replaced the Mass Aminos with Muscularity at each meal, and added four GH Factor and three Energy Reserve three times per day in addition to the Lean Out I was taking.

I literally could not believe the results I got with this diet and supplement change. At 151 pounds, I was already close to the condition of two years ago at the Show-me Naturals where I weighed 140 pounds. In the next two weeks, I dropped six pounds but my conditioning just blew my previous best ever away. I’d wanted to come in as a lightweight, but the conditioning I had at 145 pounds leading up to the final week convinced me that I would could be even more competitive as a bantamweight.

After the final week prep including final water manipulation, I weighed in at 138.5 pounds at the Caveman Classic. I was thrilled with my conditioning even though I was a pound or two lighter than two years ago. It was easily my best conditioning ever, and remember, I’d only been on the Beverly program for six weeks and had done just one cardio session during this period.

There were four competitors in the bantamweight at the Caveman. I was very excited when they announced my name as the winner. I had just qualified for nationals! The really fun part came during the overall. About halfway through the mandatory poses, the head judge called my number and moved me between the light heavy (another Beverly customer) and heavyweight! I couldn’t believe it! The night ended with the heavyweight winning the overall title, but I found out from the judges that I got some first place votes! What made this contest experience even better; my sister won the middleweight class and also qualified for nationals.

After celebrating with family and friends at the traditional post-contest pizza party, it was time to prepare for the Jr. Nationals in six weeks. I immediately turned to Mark and Beverly to discuss what type of plan I should follow. I told Mark I was thrilled with my conditioning but wanted to come in a little fuller to be competitive at the national level. His new plan included adding about 30 grams of carbs in the form of oatmeal and a sweet potato at meals one and three of my phase two diet, and added a sixth meal of Muscle Provider, while now replacing meal six with the high carb meal on Mondays and Thursdays.

For supplements, he had me cut out the thermogenic I was taking and also had me stop taking Lean Out, GH Factor, and Energy Reserve. I started using two of Beverly’s new products, Muscle Synergy and Chocolate Muscle Provider. I took eight Muscle Synergy twice per day, in the morning before breakfast and before working out. Along with the dietary and supplement changes, I loaded creatine for the first week. With these changes in place, my conditioning and hardness improved noticeably! I was already harder than I’d been at the Caveman Classic!

Kurt's excellent Abs on stage
I added several pounds in the six weeks leading up to the Jr Nationals from Mark's slight modifications to my diet and supplement plan. Supplements now included 8 Muscle Synergy twice daily, along with 4 Mass, 6 Ultra 40 and 4 Muscularity with each meal.

My training stayed the same as the previous eleven weeks. The only difference was I slightly decreased the total number of sets I was doing. Still no cardio and my condition just kept improving. I did miss one day of training during those final six weeks - with good reason - the birth of our fourth child. I didn't think it would be a good idea to ask my wife to hurry the contractions along so I could get my workout in.

  1. Here are the adjustments we made during the six weeks leading up
    to the Jr. Nationals:
  2. At four weeks out, Mark had me add the high carb meal as a seventh meal on Mondays and Thursdays.
  3. With three weeks to go, I added a thermogenic, four Lean Out, and two Energy Reserve three times per day.
  4. For the final 10 days, Mark had me add four Muscularity to each meal in addition to the four Mass Aminos and six Ultra 40 I was already taking.
  5. I stopped using creatine and glutamine at two weeks out from the show to remove every last bit of water.
  6. The final week plan was slightly different from what I had done for the Caveman. The biggest difference was a complete carb deplete diet from Sunday through Wednesday morning including special workouts for all four days to aid in the carb depletion. I also loaded a bit more carbs Wednesday and Thursday before the Saturday show than I did at the Caveman six weeks ago.

Our now larger family drove up to Chicago from Springfield, Illinois on Friday for the final weigh-ins the evening before the show. I was getting ready to eat my fifth meal since I didn’t think I was even close to the 143-¾ cutoff for bantamweight but decided to just get the weigh-ins out of the way first. That was a fortunate decision as I stepped on the scale and weighed exactly 143¼ pounds! I had added several pounds from six weeks ago by adding Muscle Synergy and the slightly modified diet and supplement plan that Mark prepared for me. I was fuller and in better condition. I was stoked for my first national competition!

I felt incredible until I saw the rest of my bantamweight competition in the pump-up room. Bantams are supposed to be the little guys. These guys broke the mold. They were in phenomenal condition and packed with muscle. After the initial shock, I was determined to maintain a positive attitude and focus on being my best ever. The pre-judging went very quickly. There were seven of us in the bantamweight division and only two people were asked to switch places during the call-outs. I stood second from the end and wasn’t sure what the place switching meant since I wasn’t asked to switch with anyone. I left the stage feeling great that I met my original goal of competing nationally but wondering just what the outcome would be.

At the night show when our class was introduced, I found I’d made the top five! Each of us performed our routines, then we lined up and awaited the trophy presentations. The trophies were awarded one by one. Fifth, fourth, third...and my number still hadn’t been called! As second place was about to be called, I was thinking about my number and hoping the next number called wouldn’t be mine. I can’t describe the emotions running through my head when the next number called was not mine. I had just won my weight class at the Jr. Nationals!

Being announced the winner was incredible, but my fondest memory was leaving the pump-up room with my trophy in hand and watching my sister walk to the back of the audience with a smile on her face to greet me and give me a hug. "I did it", I remember saying as we hugged. I will never forget that moment. My sister also competed and was in the best shape of her life. She finished seventh in a very tough lightweight division.

Any personal accomplishment is never accomplished alone. First, I want to thank God for the opportunity to live the bodybuilding lifestyle and compete in a sport that I love. Thanks to my outstanding wife, Sue, for all of her support and frequent grocery store trips. Thanks to my kids for their enthusiasm and tolerance of the broccoli smell that constantly permeates our kitchen. Thanks to my brother, Troy, who created and compiled the excellent music I posed to for my last two shows. Thanks to the rest of my family for their love and support. Thanks to my workout partner, Chuck, for making me do those deep squats and walking lunges. Thanks to Powerhouse Gym in Springfield, Illinois for their sponsorship and great facility. Gene at Sullivan Chiropractic has been a huge help to me as I almost quit bodybuilding three years ago before seeing him on a regular basis.

Finally, a big thanks to Mark and Beverly International for outstanding supplements and excellent nutritional advice. I attained my best condition ever after working with them for just 12 weeks.

To sum up what I feel are the most important components for achieving bodybuilding success:

  • Determine your goals and write them down. Review them frequently with enthusiasm
  • Have persistent faith that you will realize your goals. Constantly visualize yourself as you would be if you had already achieved what you want
  • Take the necessary actions to realize your goals and learn from others who are already successful at what you want to do. Call or email Beverly International and their outstanding team of bodybuilding champions for the best nutritional supplements and advice natural bodybuilders can get

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