Fitness Part of Living Life to its Fullest


By: Beth Simpson

Magazine 8 #2

It’s great to experience the thrill of something – at least once in your lifetime – just to say "Yeah"! I did that! – WOW! Something that takes your breath away! Achieving my best condition ever and competing with my son, Heeth (who flew here from Kansas!) in Northern Kentucky was one of those “Wow” experiences!

The No Nonsense Magazine about convinced me, but when to of our friends Brian Wiefering and Rainer Hartmann, each told us that Beverly was the only way to go, I was sold.

My interests mirror my philosophy that life is an adventure. I love an adventure! God gives us each day to live to its fullest and gives us our bodies – a temple for God – to treat well and make it the best! But, to achieve this, we must have goals. That’s where weightlifting has become a big part of my life. I love the pump, being disciplined, eating right.. doing something good for myself. Brian, my husband, and loving soul mate shares the same values (Goals, Focus, and Discipline) and has truly been an inspiration to me. It’s all worth it to hear encouraging comments on the progress I’ve made and, in turn, inspire others in a positive way.

I also found that the benefits I experienced through my training and nutrition program increased my enjoyment of other recreational adventures we’ve pursued; like skydiving, parasailing, hot air ballooning, scuba diving, mountain biking, motorcycles, skiing, and flying airplanes. Life is to live to its fullest, and I want to do it all.

Beth side chest pose during contst

I can hardly believe the progress I’ ve made at age 40! (Note from my journal, "I feel ready and excited! What a great experience.. discipline, focus, strength.")

A bit about me:

  • Born 18 June 1961
  • Lived in Cincinnati for 40 years.
  • I was involved with the drill team and cheerleading in high school, but otherwise just did "spectator sports", until I met my husband, Brian
  • Brian and I are both certified personal trainers. Our personal training business is GIT–FIT
  • First and foremost, I’m a full time loving wife! But, in addition to managing my home and family duties, I also work full time at a Real Estate Title agency and manage 5 rental properties
  • Hobby outside fitness activities – I have a background in Art and Design from the University of Cincinnati and exhibit art pieces in the Cincinnati area at the Pendleton Arts Center
Beth certified personal trainer
My husband Brian was a one-man motivational support system. Above all, my Faith gave me focus, and the strength and courage to achieve my dream. With God, all things are possible.

“You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby”

My first competition was in 1989. I competed again in 1996. I did okay both times but was not at all satisfied with my level of muscularity or conditioning. Then I discovered Beverly. As you can probably tell I’m all about being my very best and Beverly was the perfect fit in my bodybuilding and fitness strategy.

The No Nonsense Magazine just about convinced me, but when two of our friends Brian Wiefering and Rainer Hartmann, each told us that Beverly was the only way to go, I was sold.

“Getting Down to Business”

October 2001 I decided to compete in bodybuilding at the 2002 NPC Northern Kentucky and a week later in the Figure division at the Battle of Champions. Both Rita Kaya and Sandy Riedinger helped me with diet and supplement program over the next six months. Here is a record of my progress:
Beginning Weight: 136#    Body Fat: 25.6%
By December 2001:

  • I lost 5.6% fat (now at 20% Body fat) and gained 8 # lean mass
  • With so much loss in body fat and gains in lean muscle, my strength DOUBLED in many areas.

By Feb. 2002:
  • I continued to lose body fat in all the “right” places: Mid–section, legs, and buttocks.
  • Surpassed my initial goals (to reduce my bodyfat by 50% while retaining my lean muscle mass.)
  • Achieved my tightest condition ever at 12 percent body fat! To date I’d lost 17 pounds of fat! With increased lean muscle!

March 2002:
  • Bodyfat was at 10.8 percent
  • At 40 years of age I had lost a total of 20 pounds fat and I achieved the best condition of my life!

Staying on track

  • Diet and supplements definitely account for at least 80 percent of the results I got!
  • Sundays I prepare all food for the week
  • Measure / weigh each “item” and put in containers. This includes supplements!
  • My cooler goes everywhere with me, every day.
  • Always bring my water – 1–½ gallons a day, everywhere I go!

Diets and Supplements

The most effective diet strategy for me was to alternate two weeks of Beverly’s fat burning diet (low calories and low carbs) with one week of their lean muscle gain diet. At the beginning of February I switched to a daily rotation diet until the contest.

Weight Training

  • Up until January 2002 – 4 on, 1 off.
  • January – March – 5 on, 1 off (1 to 2 body parts each session)

Cardio intervals speed bag

3 – 45 min. sessions weekly: starting with treadmill intervals, hitting the speed bag, then to the "body bag", 2-3 minutes of rope jumping, and back to the treadmill to finish my 45 minutes.

A typical day:

  • Early start! Get up at 5:30 a.m. – Read my daily devotions
  • 5:45 a.m. at the gym for cardio, 45 min or weight training.
  • Back home by 6:45 a.m. to get ready for work: Pack my cooler, eat breakfast, shower, etc.
  • 8:30 – 5:15 Work. On cardio mornings I do my weight training during my lunch break, 1 or 2 body parts. I tan on the days I don’t train.
  • Home by 6:00 – Unpack cooler and practice posing (mandatories and routine.)
  • 7:15 Dinner and personal time
  • 10:30 Bed

My counter and pantry look like they belong to a Beverly International franchise; my fridge is an advertisement for Tupperware.

Diet and Supplements definitely account for at least 80% of the results I got!

Cardio consisted of 3 – 45 min. circuit sessions weekly: starting with treadmill intervals, hitting the speed bag, then to the "body bag", 2–3 minutes of rope jumping, and back to the treadmill

Beth circuit training