Shelli Jones in Pursuit of a Bodybuilding Goal

By: Shelli Jones
2002 NPC Kentucky Overall Winner
Magazine 8 #3

The best definition of success I’ve ever found is Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal. In this article I’ll relate my progressive realization of a 5-year dream. It was not just the Kentucky title I was after but to practice the self-discipline of diet and training it would take to develop the combination of muscularity and condition I was after. Needless to say there were obstacles along the way as well as successes. Let me start by taking you back to the beginning.

My first contact with Beverly International was in 1997. I was preparing for my first bodybuilding show. I haphazardly followed their nutrition plan, and as a result was far from achieving the physique I had always desired. I managed to win the overall title at that show, but believe me, it wasn’t on my own merit-the competition was not what you would normally encounter at an NPC show. After that show, I was disappointed. I knew my self-discipline failed miserably in following the nutrition regimen Beverly designed for me.

A year later I decided to try again. Once again, I contacted Beverly International to help me prepare for the NPC Bluegrass Bodybuilding Championships. This time, I dedicated myself 100% to my training and nutrition regimens. I took the stage in June of that year with eleven other competitors and walked off as the overall winner. However, after reviewing pictures and the video of the show, I was still not satisfied. I was definitely in condition, but felt I now needed to add more muscle.

Shelli Jones achieved her 5-year goal. Her overall win at the NPC Kentucky was part of it, but being the best she could be was just as important.
Shelli front double bicep

Two years went by, consumed with work and spending a great deal of time with my daughter, Lauren’s sports and academic activities. Although I did manage to train off and on, I must admit it was half-hearted. Then, in August of 2001, I decided to prepare for the NPC Northern Kentucky Bodybuilding Championships. I began my first ever mass up diet with the guidance of Beverly, and I must say, I added a lot of quality size. I began my lean out diet for the contest in December 2001. As March approached, I felt more ready than ever to step on stage. By weigh-ins on March 8, 2002, my bodyfat was the lowest it had ever been and I at 132 pounds. This was seven pounds heavier than at the Bluegrass! I was nervous but very anxious to get on stage again.

Meanwhile, my best friend (a former elite collegiate athlete) and my personal training business partner, Kim was suffering from acute liver failure and desperately needed a donor to live. I received a phone call at 4 a.m. the day of the Northern. Kim’s mother told me Kim had finally received a donor for an emergency liver transplant, and just in the knick of time-she had less than 12 hours to live without a new liver. There was no decision on whether or not I would stay to do the show. I packed up my bags, grabbed a croissant and some orange juice and left seven months of hard work behind to be with my friend through this ordeal. She came through it successfully and I set aside my training to care for her when she was released from the hospital. She returned the favor 5 weeks later when I underwent bilateral inguinal hernia repair. And once again, my training was interrupted for another month.

Bodybuilding is still my passion and no matter how many trying times come my way, I’ll continue to follow my dream. Thus, I decided to enter the 2002 NPC Kentucky State Bodybuilding Championships this past November. This time I started the Beverly diet a few weeks earlier and trained especially hard for this competition. It was a daily struggle to stay focused and disciplined. (More so than normal since I had dieted 12 weeks earlier in the year for the Northern.) But my determination to do my best kept me on track.

Finally, it was show time. And what a great time it was. Every competitor in my division was extremely nice and supportive of one another. The show was very professionally conducted and full of energy. The promoters, Brent and Michelle did a fantastic job! One competitor in particular drew my interest. Tracy Beckham has been on the bodybuilding scene for a very long time and I had a lot of respect for her. She came in looking exceptional, and admittedly, I was intimidated by her. Tracy’s onstage presentation was tremendous, as always. Off stage she displayed great sportsmanship.

I did it!! I was first. Five year dream realized!

Shelli Jones Side Tricep Pose
Shelli credits self-discipline and perseverance as two of the key factors in her bodybuilding success.

As time ticked by and the evening show approached, I was overcome by anxiety back in the hotel room. I tried to relax, but I knew the show was a close one and I had longed for this title for five years. I was certain it was between Tracy and me although the rest of the competition was excellent. I finally calmed down a little and proceeded to the auditorium for the evening show. I felt a little depleted or flat if you will, and knew I really needed to get some glycogen to my muscles to come in at my best. At two hours out, I began eating my Muscle Provider, honey, peanut butter mixture until I could feel warmth surge throughout my body, so much in fact that I began to sweat. I knew then that the glycogen was surging and getting a pump would be no problem.

More Peanut Butter recipes with Muscle Provider and UMP Cookies: Bev-Solutions Protein Cookies

I took the stage and got through my routine without error. Then, the announcer called our class out for awards. As they called out numbers five, four, three.. my heart began to pound erratically, and then second place, OH MY GOD, I did it!! I was first. I could not believe it. This was the happiest day of my life-a five year dream realized!

Sticking with Beverly paid off once again. Their diet and awesome supplements gave me the look I needed to prevail. Well, it wasn’t quite over yet; they called me back out for a pose-down with the Lightweight Champion. I won! Was this the best day of my life or what! I can assure you it was the one bright spot in a very difficult year for me. All I can say is that Beverly International is the way to go when it comes to nutrition, supplements and every other facet of bodybuilding.

The diet they gave me is as follows:
Meal 1:
½ cup Oatmeal
2 scoops Chocolate Muscle Provider
1 tbs. MCT Oil
Meal 2:
2 scoops Chocolate Ultra Size 12 oz. Water
Meal 3:
5 oz. Lean meat
2 cups salad
1 tbs. Olive Oil / 2 tbs. Red Wine Vinegar
Meal 4: Same as Meal 2
Meal 5:
3 oz. Tuna
2 egg whites
Meal 5:
Protien shake option
5 oz. Lean Meat
1 cup green vegetables
Every Monday and Thursday, I substituted the following meal for Meal 6:
1 medium size sweet potato
1 small banana
1-cup brown rice
1 tbs. butter

* At four weeks out, I dropped all lean beef and replaced it with chicken. Additionally, I changed meals 2 and 4 to a shake with 2 scoops Muscle Provider (vanilla), 3 frozen strawberries, 1 tbs. flax oil and 12 oz. water. As well, I changed meal #1 to 4 oz. tuna, 3 egg whites/ 1 yolk and 1 kiwi or ½ grapefruit.

Thank you, Roger and Sandy and the whole Beverly International Team for providing me with the winning plan and encouraging me every step of the way. I have used Beverly supplements for five years now and will always use them, because they are by far the best. I really appreciate all of the support you have given me; I couldn’t have done it without you!

Personal Information

Many of you may remember me form a previous Beverly Magazine you can access it at on the web. To update you I’m now 29 years old and living in Northern Kentucky with my ten-year-old daughter, Lauren. I have always been motivated to be a good role model for her. I do my best to set the example of living an active, healthy, and disciplined lifestyle so she’ll learn that hard work reaps great rewards. It’s working. She’s a straight A student, excellent athlete and just received the Student of the Month award. As you can probably tell I’m a very proud Mom. I am her biggest fan just as she is mine. All through the contest, I could hear her yelling, ,Go, Mom!! She thinks I am the best bodybuilder ever; it is the best feeling in the world to make your children proud.

My other passion is weightlifting. I live, love and teach it. I love having the opportunity to help others achieve their goals. I’ve seen far too many people say, "If only I had stuck with it, I could have been in shape five years ago." Procrastination and lack of motivation are always the culprits that cost people their dreams.

Shelli holding her trophy
My partner, Kim, and I have a personal training service. Recently, one of our clients won a body transformation contest. -
The exact training regimen Shelli followed for the last four weeks leading up to the contest:
Monday: (Chest, Triceps, Delts)
DB Bench Press––50 lb. 3X12
DB Incline Press-40 lb. 3X12
Lying Cable Flyes-30 lb. 3X15
DB Pullovers-50 lb. 3X12
Plate Side Raises-10 lb. 3X15 DB Rear Flyes-20 lb. 3X12
Tricep Pressdowns-80 lb. 3X12
Lying Tricep Extensions-70 lb. 3X12
Bench Dips-3X20
3X8 wide grip pull-ups
4X50 Ball Crunches
Tuesday: (Legs-Heavy)
Smith Squats-150 lb. 5X12
Leg Press -3X12
Leg Extensions-3X12
Seated Leg Curls-3X8
Glute Pull Throughs-3X15
Seated Calf Raises-80 lb. 5X12 Supersetted with DB Anterior Tibialis 35 lb. 5X20
Standing Calf Raises 200 lb.5X15
Wednesday: (Back, Biceps)
Wide grip Pulldowns-120 lb. 2X12, 3rd set drop set 8/8/8 120, 105, 90
Close grip Pulldowns-105 lb. 2X12, 3rd set drop set 8/8/8 105, 90, 75
T-Bar Rows-45 lb. 3X15
Seated Rows-75 lb. 3X12
Upright Rows-80 lb. 3X12 Supersetted with DB Shrugs 45 lb. 3X15
Reverse Hyperextensions 3X15
Rope Hammer Curls-50 lb. 3X15
Incline Bicep Curls-20 lb. DB 3X15
Preacher Curls-45 lb. 3X12
Twenty-Ones-35 lb. X 2
Ball Crunches 4X50 Supersetted with DB Side Bends 35 lb. 4X12
Thursday: OFF
Friday: (Light upper body, Heavy Delts)
Wide grip Pulldowns-105 lb. 3X15
Standing Cable Rows-3X15
Ball Hyperextensions 3X15
DB Chest Press-45 lb. 3X12
Decline DB Bench Press-45 lb. 3X12
DB Military Press-35 lb. 3X12
Front Raises-10 lb. 3X12 Supersetted with Side Raises 15 lb. 3X12
Rear Delt Cable Pulls-3X12

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