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Volume 8 issue 4 contents

› Dave Diana
Countdown to Bodybuilding Success

I took no body fat measurements and just used pictures and the mirror to assess my progress

IFBB Professional Fitness Competitor. Wins Her IFBB Pro Card!

hard work, and self-discipline were responsible for her incredible rise to the top.

› Greg Daniels
Advance Muscle Mass Plateau Buster

How I Gainded More Muscle in Six Weeks than in the Previous Six Years

› Dave Meyers
2002 NPC Free Monster Mash Overall Champion

Complete Contest Preparation – Here’s How I Did it

› Dewayde C. Perry, M.D.,
An Uncommon Marriage – My Life in Bodybuiling and Medicine

NPC Central States Middleweight Champion contest prep

Questions and answers with DeWayde Perry, M.D.

Volume 8 issue issue 3 contents

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Tessa side tricep pose

› Tessa Hamett
My First Bodybuilding Show, And The Journey To Get There
This experience has been rewarding, in more ways than one. I’ve learned quite a few things about myself, and what a strong, dedicated woman I really am.

› Beau Osborne
Taking It Up to a New Level Combined with a little hard work and determination I achieved my goal. I now know that I can live my dreams. You can too!

› Tom House
Confidence, Commitment
Despite being on a low carb, restricted calorie diet, an amazing thing happened. I actually set ALL TIME personal bests in terms of the weight.

› Steve Colescott
The Art of Getting Big – Stimulating Growth
To maximally encourage protein breakdown, rep ranges between five and twelve are utilized with relatively short rest periods.
› Reaching Measured Objectives
Goals for bodybuilders, fitness competitors or powerliftersGoals allow us to determine the direction in which our future will unfold.

› Josh Burdick
Gaining Muscle With Good Nutrition
Many of us who are addicted to the iron eventually want to compete.

In Pursuit of a Bodybuilding Goal A year later I decided to try again. Prepare for the NPC Bluegrass Bodybuilding Championships. This time, I dedicated myself 100% to my training and nutrition regimens. I took the stage in June of that year with eleven other competitors and walked off as the overall winner.