Winning Master’s Overall

at the INBF Monster Mash

By: Aram Hamparian
Magazine 9 #1

My exact 8-week pre-contest training routine

Someone once told me that I should view every training session as a privileged opportunity towards self-improvement. I decided early on to take this advice to heart. Once I stepped through the gym doors I was going to focus all my resources towards becoming a bodybuilding champion.

Things went well at first. My training intensity was evolving and escalating. I read the magazines and kept up on every new nutritional and supplement development in the sport. I put my faith in nearly every new product hyped in the magazine advertisements. And finally, I actually reached the competitive stage of the sport. I competed for three years knowing that with my "fanatical" study of nutrition and supplement strategies; I would reach my potential and win a show as a drug free natural competitor. Wrong! I was lucky to place.

Then, in early 1999, a bodybuilder at Gold's Gym showed me a Beverly No Nonsense Magazine. Shortly afterwards I ordered a supply of Ultra 40, Mass Amino's and Muscle Provider protein powder. Now remember this: up until this point my competitive highlights centered around 3rd place finishes in local novice class shows. Within ten months a miraculous change took place. Do you think miraculous might be too strong a word? Well what would you call going from 145 lbs. at 6% body fat to 157 lbs. at 3.5%? I was shredded to the bone and won my first drug free title, the NBI Tri-State. I also won the Open Lightweight at the INBF Tournament of Champions and placed 5th at the very tough NPC East Coast Nationals in the Men’s Masters class.

Took My Physique (and life) to a Higher Level

Aram Hamparian before Aram at 3.5% bodyfat
With Beverly I went from 145 lbs at 6% body fat (left) to 157 lbs. at 3.5% in ten months (right) and won my first natural title in the process.

The tenets behind Beverlys philosophy regarding nutrition, training and supplementation are very basic. You must first get your whole food nutrition in order. Then use the highest quality supplements to fill any voids and to increase nutritional density so that you can take your physique to the next level. Personally, I found that good nutrition from whole food was just not enough for me to make the gains I wanted. Beverly has uniquely structured their line of products to allow an average non-steroid bodybuilder make the same gains as those who are genetically gifteda. The truth is Beverly’’s Muscle Provider, Ultra Size, Mass Aminos and Ultra 40 (these are my favorites) are absolutely essential for the steroid-free athlete who wishes to boost lean / fat free muscle gains.

I found my results from this particular supplement protocol and diet were amazing. My strength kept increasing in the gym as I dieted down for the show.

Contest day arrived

I was successful once again, winning the Master’s Overall on my 44th birthday. After the New York State show, I took the next couple of days to cheat a little on the diet, did a total body workout (the Wednesday before) and won the Men's Master's at the INBF Connecticut Monster Mash.

Here is my exact 8-week pre-contest training routine: Training Notes: I did no cardio whatsoever. I relied solely on nutrition, training heavy, posing practice and Beverly supplements to burn all body fat while maintaining as much muscle as possible. (I eliminated all training 5 days out.)
Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays were my REST days.
I believe in a high intensity approach, focusing on every rep of every set and going to failure on the last set. My training sessions seldom exceeded forty-five minutes.
Sunday: Shoulders / Traps / Calves / Abs
Monday: Back / Biceps
Tuesday Off
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Hams / Quads
Friday: Chest / Triceps / Abs
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Shoulders / Traps / Calves / Abs
This workout averaged only 20 - 25 minutes
Seated Laterals (adding reps as weight decreased)
1 triple drop set: 1 set x 35 lbs. x 10-12 reps
1 set x 30 lbs. x 12-14 reps
1 set x 25 lbs. x 14 reps-failure
"Down the Rack" Dumbbell Shrugs - no rest between sets
1 set x 100 lbs. x 10 reps
1 set x 90 lbs. x 10 reps
1 set x 80 lbs. x 10-12 reps
1 set x 70 lbs. x 10 reps-failure
Super set the following:
Standing Calf Raise: 5 sets x 15-30 reps
Double Crunches: 5 sets x 15-30 reps
Note: Every other week I’d do seated Dumbbell Press for Shoulders
3 sets x 80 - 85 lbs. x 6-12 reps
Monday: Back / Biceps
Reverse Grip Weighted Chins:
2-3 sets x 45 lbs. x 8-12 reps
Barbell Rows (2 warm-ups then)
2 sets x 225-245 lbs. x 8-10 reps
Dumbbell Rows (1 warm-up then)
2 sets x 120 lbs. x 8-12 reps
1 set x 110 lbs. x 20 reps
Incline Curls (1 warm-up set of 20 reps)
2 sets x 40 lbs. x 8-10 reps
Barbell Curls
1 set x 95 lbs. x 8 reps or failure
Every 4th week my back workout consisted of 3-4 sets of heavy deadlifts for 4-6 reps (until I began to see stars!)
Thursday: Hams / Quads
Leg Curls 3 sets x 7-9 reps
Squats 3-4 sets x 225-275 lbs. x 6-12 reps
(Every other week) Front Squats: 4 sets x 185 lbs. x 8-12 reps
Leg Extensions 2 sets x 10-15 reps
Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlifts 2 sets x 60-90 lbs. x 8-12 reps
Note: Squats or Front Squats are parallel or below
Friday: Chest / Triceps / Abdominals
Incline Smith Machine Press (2 warm up sets)
2 sets x 4-8 reps
Low Incline Flyes (1 warm up set)
1 set x 80 lbs. x 8 reps to failure
Flat Dumbbell Bench Press
2 sets x 95-105 lbs. x 7-10 reps
Overhead Extensions with EZ Bar
2 sets x 105 lbs. x 5-8 reps
Weighted Dips
2 sets x 90 lbs. x 8-12 reps
Hanging Leg Raise
3 sets x 10-15 reps
Steep Incline Board Crunches
3 sets x 12 reps
Bicycle Crunches
3 sets x Failure
Aram Hamparian Monster Mash
Liberal use of Beverly’s Muscle Provider. Mass Aminos, Muscle Synergy, Ultra Size and Mass Maker helped me attain the Master’s Overall at the INBF Monster Mash.

During my association with Beverly International I realized that preparing for success in bodybuilding parallels preparation for success in life.

» Take pride in your training and dieting discipline. The positive affiliations you make by leading a healthy life and winning the battle of the weights in the gym transcend into other arenas of your life.

» Patience, determination, self-discipline and commitment are crucial to your success. This goes for training, diet, sticking to your supplement plan and life in general.

» Keep a training and nutritional journal to set goals and keep on task; what gets recorded gets accomplished.

Two more observations that I’ve made that I hope will help you:

  • The more constant and elevated you keep your protein intake, the less carb cravings you will have. You will actually begin to enjoy "eating clean." I easily accomplish this by ingesting 2 or 3 Ultra Size or Muscle Provider shakes each day. (In the process I discovered that every other protein supplement I’d used in the past was vastly inferior. Don’t settle for less than the best.)
  • Don’t believe all the mass advertised hyped supplement ads in the muscle publications. I’ve been there, so I speak from experience. Stick with the proven basics: Ultra Size, Mass Amino's, Ultra 40, Muscle Provider and Super Pak. If you are really looking for that extra kick as a drug free bodybuilder use Muscle Synergy.
  • A huge mistake I see trainees make is not prioritizing leg training. Upper body training is a walk in the park compared to working legs. It takes courage to train legs with the proper intensity. Once you reach that intensity on leg days your entire physique will improve. High intensity leg training will actually increase growth hormone and your increased metabolism will make your body burn fat around the clock. Once I incorporated squats and heavy front squats to my routine I no longer needed to do any cardio to prepare for shows. My body fat levels reached new lows while my back and arms grew thicker.
  • If you belong to the "over 40 crowd" don't let it crush your hopes or progress. By adhering to Beverly’s nutritional and training protocols I keep improving from year to year even though I will turn 45 very soon. You too can make the same progress. Train hard, provide extra time for recovery and focus on perfect exercise form on the basic compound multi-joint movements.

But, my bodybuilding accomplishments are only half the story. With the help of my mother, sister, extended family, friends and supporters I am winning the greatest battle of all: Overcoming chemical addiction. Yes, it is still a struggle for me. I feel it an honor that my bodybuilding success has allowed me to provide inspiration to help others who are suffering.

Aram at New York State contest
I achieved my best ever condition on my 44th birthday at the New York State contest

In closing I would like to thank everyone at Beverly for their insight and inspiration. Not only does Beverly provide the highest quality supplements but also their dedication, morals and ethical values are second to none.

If I may, a special appreciation and thanks goes out to my late uncle Ardashes and Father Nishan Hamparian to whom I dedicate all my shows.

My Diet Supplements at 5 weeks out:
Wake Up
1 tsp. L-Glutamine along with 8 Muscle Synergy
Meal #1
6 egg whites,1 yolk ½cup oatmeal with 1 scoop Muscle Provider added
Meal #2
2 scoops Muscle Provider,1 scoop 100% Egg mixed in 16 oz. water
Meal #3
1 can tuna,1 cup green vegetables
Meal #4
same as meal #2
Meal #5
same as meal #3
Meal #6
3 scoops Muscle Provider,1 scoop Ultimate Muscle Protein mixed in 18 oz. water
Here is the nutrition plan that I devised for the INBF New York State:
10 weeks out:
Meal #1
3 scoops Ultra Size mixed in 16 oz water with ½ cup quick oats
Meal #2
8 oz chicken breast
Meal #3
3 scoops Ultra Size mixed in 18 oz water along with 4 Frozen Strawberries
Meal #4
8 oz chicken breast + medium sweet potato
Meal #5
8 oz chicken breast + 2 cups green vegetables
Meal #6
3 scoops Ultra Size mixed in 18 oz Water along with 1 tsp Flax Oil

Note: Each time I would wake up during the middle of the night I would take a tsp. of L-Glutamine along with 3 – 4 Muscle Synergy
Before Beverly, my biggest challenge was keeping my size and fullness while shredding fat. To prevent this, I use Mass Maker as a postworkout drink plus Muscle Synergy and L-Glutamine daily. I even take 3-4 Synergy and a teaspoon of L-Glutamine whenever I wake up at night.

8 oz chicken breast + 2 cups green vegetables
Meal #6
3 scoops Ultra Size mixed in 18 oz Water along with 1 tsp Flax Oil

Note: Each time I would wake up during the middle of the night I would take a tsp. of L-Glutamine along with 3 – 4 Muscle Synergy
Before Beverly, my biggest challenge was keeping my size and fullness while shredding fat. To prevent this, I use Mass Maker as a postworkout drink plus Muscle Synergy and L-Glutamine daily. I even take 3-4 Synergy and a teaspoon of L-Glutamine whenever I wake up at night.