Bodybuilding World

Volume 9 issue #1

The No Nonsense Magazine is a quarterly (4 issues per year) publication filled with REAL-WORLD informational reports and articles on nutrition, training, contest preparation for bodybuilding, figure, physique, bikini and more.

Magazine contents

Shane Smith
Advice to the Bodybuilder
I love bodybuilding. There’s no doubt about it. Although many others see it as a never-ending exercise in hard work and discipline,for me it’s the total opposite. I look forward to each training day as a time to forget the stress of the outside world and do something strictly for myself.

Scott Griffin
Time-line to Bodybuilding Success
Takes first place in the Novice Michigan Masters contest

I achieved what seemed an impossible dream. I captured the 1st place trophy at the Novice Michigan Masters contest on my very first try. My conditioning was right on;complete and polished. I’d shed close to 20 lbs of body fat and put on lean muscle tissue in just six-months. The secret? Proper nutrition and Beverly supplements! Now that I’ve found what works,I’m sticking with it and so is my wife.

Julie Lohre
Childbirth to Figure Championship in Just Five Months
While I don’t believe that you can win just based on your hair or makeup independently,it is the combination of all the small details (flattering hairstyle, nails, makeup, suits, shoes, tan, down to glitter) that can make the difference in a close contest.

Tom Roehl
The Journey From Transformation to Competition
I started training for the Mid States Classic at 187 pounds and 13% body-fat. Since this time I was getting ready for an actual bodybuilding contest I added one more key element –Beverly! For you who like all the details I’ve listed my exact training,diet and supplement programs for the show at the end of this article.

Brenda Smith
Could I make my dreams of competing come true?
Finally competition day arrived. With a total of 45 Figure competitors in the Northern Kentucky Championships I realized that the competition was going to be very tough. Just standing onstage was already dream come true. I had a blast. I placed 2nd in the tall division.

Rachel super lean abs

Rachel Johnson Figure Success Passion for Fitness

Aram Hamparian
Here’s How I Took My Physique (and life) to a Higher Level
Contest day arrived and I was successful once again,winning the Master’s Overall on my 44th birthday. After the New York State show,I took the next couple of days to cheat a little on the diet,did a total body workout (the Wednesday before) and won the Men’s Master’s at the INBF Connecticut Monster Mash.

Volume 8 Issue 4