Double Pro WNBF, NGA, Drug-Free Pro Bodybuilder

By: Lowell Faison
Magazine 9 #2

I met Jeff Williamson in 1998 at a competition in Detroit. His condition was phenomenal; like a carbon copy an anatomy chart. WHen I approached Jeff about his condition, all he talked about was Beverly. He won the overall, I placed 4th.

Over the years I read about the success of others but never really imagined that some day I’d be writing about my own success.

Within 8 weeks of starting my first Beverly program, the word TRANS-FOR-MATION became a part of my vocabulary and I finally won a show!

Lowell’s Base diet (4 weeks out) before the final Week Blueprint:


Super Pak with meal #1
5 Ultra 40, 3 Mass Aminos, 3 Muscularity, 1 Bev Multiple Enzyme with each meal
2 Lean Out with each meal
2 Energy Reserve, 4 GH Factor three times daily on empty stomach

Meal #1
12 egg whites / ½ dried oatmeal

Meal #2
8 oz. fish / 4 oz. sweet potato

Meal #3
8 oz. chicken / ½ cup dried oatmeal / ¾ broccoli

Meal #4
Tuna / 3 egg whites / string beans or broccoli

Meal #5
8 oz. fish / 3 egg whites / grapefruit / ½ all bran cereal (for fiber)

When asked to map out my bodybuilding road to success my first thought was, “I’m not worthy.“ For years I had read the success stories of others, but it never occurred to me that some day I would write my own. It wasn’t until I achieved my ultimate goal; professional status as a drug free bodybuilder, that I felt anyone would even want to read my story. And now, I’ve done it in two different organizations, the WNBF and NGA.

There are many crucial elements to being a competitive bodybuilder. Most importantly, you must make a commitment to yourself to be responsible for your own actions. Learn what works best for you and what doesn’t. Use your own experiences and mistakes as your first resource-then branch out to other sources for guidance. In this article I’ll take you from the beginning of my journey in bodybuilding to my current status as a Double Pro.

L.T. Faison Front Bicep
Success in bodybuilding is just like anything else.
"What you put into it is what you will get out of it."

Mr. Ball State

In 1995, I attended Ball State University (B.S.U.) on a football scholarship, while also running track. My first season as a red shirt football player, found me more in the weight room than on the field. During high school I’d spent countless hours on a Soloflex machine trying to build my muscles, so a college weight room was not all that bad.

Later that spring, I learned that B.S.U. hosted an annual bodybuilding competition open to all students. The minute I learned this, I was psyched up and ready to go. One month later I graced the stage at 189 pounds in a pair of XL posing trunks. (I purposely bought my trunks two sizes too big out of fear.) I managed to win an award for best routine, while placing at the bottom of my class. Perhaps the reason for this was my precontest diet, which consisted of pasta with red sauce, a slice of wheat bread and a glass of milk. From that moment on my #1 goal was to be Mr. Ball State before I graduated.

Collegiate Career

My interest in bodybuilding continued throughout my collegiate career. What I learned about bodybuilding complimented my other sports. I learned that staying well hydrated and lean year round would not only help me as a bodybuilder, but also as an athlete. Furthermore, I had begun to understand the importance of bilateral size and strength throughout the body. In addition, I learned that the strength percentage ratios of antagonist and agonist muscles made one less prone to injury. This was very important in my dual role as an athlete. Moreover, the principles of bodybuilding also helped me develop into one of the best athletes on my football team, running a 4.38 second 40-yard dash with a vertical leap of 41.5 inch. I finished my collegiate football career at B.S.U. as a 3-year starter at defensive back.

The Meetings

In the summer of 1998, I met Jeff Williamson at a competition in Detroit, Michigan. His condition was phenomenal; he looked like a carbon copy of an anatomy chart. When I approached Jeff about his condition, he talked openly about Beverly International. Later that night, Mr. Williamson went on to win his class and overall; I placed 4th. One month later I place 2nd in another competition. Within a two-year span I competed on seven different occasions in which I placed 5th, 4th twice and 2nd four times. At that point it was time for me to branch out to other sources for guidance.

I called Beverly to set up a consultation and on February 12, 2000, I made my first visit. Filled with mixed emotions (afraid and excited), I began my consultation session by weighing in and identifying my goals. Then I met with one of Beverly’s finest, Steven Wade (my current Beverly advisor). Steven was as eager as I was to get started. Sixty minutes later I left Beverly Headquarters with their state of the art supplements (Ultra 40 and Mass Aminos) and one of their physique altering meal plans (blueprint). Steven designed an 8-week blueprint that fit my situation (dual collegiate athlete and graduate student). My protein, carbohydrate and fat ratios enabled me to eat within the confines of a bodybuilder, yet still compete as a collegiate athlete. Within eight weeks of eating and training on the Beverly plan, the word TRANS-FOR-MATION began to take on a personal meaning.

After four years of competing Beverly was the missing link to my first taste of success in bodybuilding. On April 12, 2000 I stood on stage at 174 lbs. in a pair of medium posing trunks having achieved my first bodybuilding goal, MR. BALL STATE.

L.T. Faison Track
Steven designed an 8-week blueprint that fit my unique situation(dualcollegiate athlete and graduate student). My macro-nutrient ratios enabld me to eat like a bodybuilder, yet still compete as a collegiate athlete.

Captain Insano

It was time for a break. I was physically worn out from five years of college football, two years of track; coupled by shoulder surgery and two knee surgeries.

However, my competitive juices started flowing once again when I attended the 2001 Arnold Classic. My new goal was to become a Drug-Free Professional Bodybuilder.

At 3:00 AM on March 9, 2001, I was wide-awake mapping out a seven-month timetable to achieve Pro status. I selected different competitions throughout the country to achieve this goal. My first competition was in April, followed by two more in June, and one each in August, September and November. That season I committed financial suicide by competing six times in four different states. I rented more cars, booked more airline flights and checked in and out of more hotels during these seven months than I had in a lifetime. I used Beverly products sparingly the entire time. Moreover, I came up short of achieving my goal-seven competitions but no pro card. I was drained physically and financially.

Pro Card

After competing six times in 2001, I again took some time off. Now my focus wasn’t so much on a pro card, but was centered on bringing up lagging body parts, my back, hamstrings, shins, calves and medial deltoids in particular.

I started training my back similar to my legs, 15 to 20 sets with lots of intensity. I targeted hamstrings with dumbbell leg curls; an exercise that calls for very strict form and technique. To attack my tibialis (shins), I performed the dorsiflex exercise on a standing calf machine; with my heels on the block and lifting my toes. For calves, I did donkey calf raises. Finally, I trained my medial deltoids with lateral raises and dumbbell shoulder presses. I also made a vow to eat only within the confines of my blueprint (nutritionally dense foods).

After ten months off, I was ready for a new season. I set my sites on the NANBF USA CHAMPIONSHIP (the overall winner would earn Professional status in the WNBF). I was bound and determined to show up at the USA in top condition. This determination forced me to expand my normal supplement intake of Mass, Ultra 40 and Muscle Provider. I added Muscularity, GH Factor, Energy Reserve and Lean Out to the mix. Four days out from the USA I was 180 lbs. The morning of the USA the scale tilted to 176 lbs. and I was sharp as a razor.

That night in Kansas City, Kansas I was thrilled when I won the Medium-Tall division and overjoyed when I heard, "...and the 2002 Overall Natural Mr. USA and newest WNBF Pro-L.T. Faison!" Following this announcement, I also received a special invitation to the WNBF Pro Natural Worlds in Manhattan, New York to compete. Three weeks later, I tested the waters as a Professional and placed a respectable 8th.

Victory Lane NPC Northern

My quest to compete in Beverly’s Northern Kentucky Classic stems back to 2000, the same year I started working with Beverly. I always wanted to do this show but kept coming up with excuses why I shouldn’t. The truth being, I simply did not have enough confidence in my physique to compete against other Beverly athletes.

This year was no different. However to motivate myself I posted Northern Kentucky flyers everywhere; my bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, den, my car, my office, book bag, etc. I was ready to give the Northern a try, but I still had one major concern; at six weeks out I was 195 lbs. and I wanted to compete as a middleweight (176 1/4). I had to lose 19 pounds.

Continuing on the Beverly plan I attended the Arnold Classic to see my main man Steven Wade at the Beverly Booth. With just two weeks left I wanted reassurance that competing as a middleweight was within reach. Steven measured me at 6.2% and a weight of 187 lbs. My sum of 9 sites was 43.5 and my lean mass was 175.3 lbs., at that point Mr. Wade assured me that the middleweight class was within reach.

At one week out from the Northern, Steven sent me a final week blueprint, I started it the minute I received it. I was 185 at that point and had ten pounds to lose in seven days.

Here’s the exact email for the final week blueprint – 1 week out from the Northern:

L.T.Fasion’s Exact Beverly Final Week Blueprint

“Start busting butt on Cardio. You need to do at least one and if possible two sessions per day from now through Wednesday. No cardio or training on Thursday and Friday.
Above all else, just make sure your weight is coming down.”

L.T. side chest during contest

I chose Beverly because I’m goal-oriented and driven by results. Now my dreams have become reality.


These do not change
Super Pak with meal #1
5 Ultra 40, 4 Muscularity, 1 Multiple Enzyme with each meal
3-4 Lean Out with each meal
2 Flax Caps, 1 EPO Cap with meals #1, #3, and #5
2 Energy Reserve, 4 GH Factor three times daily on empty stomach

Saturday through Monday:
Meal #1
8 egg whites / ½ grapefruit
Meal #2
7 oz. Cod fish / 2 cups lettuce / 2 TBS apple cider vinegar
Meal #3
8 oz. Cod fish / 1 cup spinach
Meal #4
5 oz. cod fish / 3 egg whites / 2 cups lettuce / 2 TBS apple cider vinegar
Meal #5
6 oz. Cod fish / 3 egg whites / 1 cup spinach or 8 egg whites / 1 cup spinach

Meal #1
8 egg whites / ½ cup dried oatmeal
Meal #2
8 oz. fish / 4 oz.. sweet potato
Meal #3
8 oz. chicken / ½ cup dried oatmeal / 1 cup spinach
Meal #4
5 oz. cod fish / 3 egg whites / 4 oz.. sweet potato / 1 cup spinach
Meal #5
6 oz. fish / 3 egg whites / ½ grapefruit

Wednesday through Weigh-In
Meal #1
6 oz. Cod Fish / ½ grapefruit
Meal #2
6 oz. Cod Fish / 1 small tomato
Meal #3
6 oz. Cod Fish / ½ grapefruit
Meal #4
6 oz. Cod Fish / 1 small tomato
Meal #5
6 oz. Cod Fish / ½ grapefruit

Potassium and Water Schedule:

1-99 mg Potassium tablet every other hour, drink 2-3 gallons water
Wednesday: 1-99 mg Potassium tablet every hour, drink 2-3 gallons water
2-99 mg Potassium tablets every hour, cut water down to 1.5 gallons
3-99 mg Potassium tab every hour, cut water down to 3/4 gallon
3-99mg Potassium tab every hour, sip water as needed

*If you make weight Friday night, start eating 80-90% lean beef and sweet potatoes (two or three meals before bed). Saturday-steak and eggs for breakfast with one or two pancakes. Have two Snickers bars about 40 minutes prior to going onstage.

In addition to Steven’s blueprint, I threw in a couple of other modifications myself the day of weigh in. That morning, I only ate two meals; the remainder of the day I used Ultra 40, Mass Aminos and Lean Out to hold me over until weigh in. Furthermore, I used a couple wresting tactics by wearing trash bags and wrapping my upper and lower extremities in layers of nylon/sweats pants and shirts in order to sweat. Moreover, in my journey to Covington, Kentucky from Indiana, I drove with my windows up and my heat on full blast. I cycled my heat on high and low for 30 minutes at a time for three hours.

The end result, I weighed in as the heaviest middleweight and went on to win my class. (Extreme measures don’t often work, yet I was fortunate).

2003 NGA Heart Of Illinois

The National Gym Association (NGA) hosted this competition. In my first time competing in this organization I won the overall title, medals for Best Legs and Best Routine, and my second Professional Card as a Natural Bodybuilder. My condition was phenomenal due to a few extra weeks on the full Beverly supplement program.

In writing this story I realized that competing in bodybuilding carries over into all aspects of my life. I chose Beverly because I am goal-oriented and driven by results. Now my dreams have become reality.

I would like to thank my parents for being a vital part of my life and bodybuilding endeavors. Also for them impressing upon me to put God first in all that I do, by doing this I know I can’t fail. I want to thank the following individuals for helping me within my journey over the years: Cameron Lymon, Brad Warner, Paul Tincher, Shag Nasseh, Dane King, Jeff Williamson and K. Lyn. I also thank the following sponsors: Ken Briner, Bob Taylor, Gordon Cox, David Abernathy, Mark Thurston, David Segraves (my chiropractor) and Studio 22. In the end, I send a long extended thank you to Steven Wade for his precision, detail to work and patience. Furthermore, thanks to Roger, Sandy and the entire Beverly staff for expanding my knowledge in all aspects of bodybuilding.