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Volume 9 issue 3 contents

» Mike Milas Putting It All Together – My Best Year In Bodybuilding Sorting through all of this information and finding a nutritional plan that will work best for you is like living an experiment. In fact, to me success in Bodybuilding is measured by your ability to continually try different combinations to see what works and what doesn’t.

» Kelly Long Honey, Do These Jeans Make Me Look Fat? My first goal was the NPC Natural Northern USA. Contest day arrived. My very first competition and my participant number was #1. Wow I was the first person on the stage in my very first show.

» Joe Fogarty I Turned My Dream into Reality with Precision Nutrition and Training
Three years of hard training with one goal in mind, "to successfully compete in my first bodybuilding show, within the next year" Sounds like a good goal, doesn’t it?

» Dwayne Fishel How I dropped 85 pounds to get on stage I’d been training for a long time, there had to be some decent muscle under this layer of fat, but how do I get rid of all this fat? I decided to try a competition type diet to get the fat off, even though I had no plans at the time to compete.

» Roger Riedinger Pre Contest Training. How to become lean without sacrificing muscle mass

Chris db shoulder press
In this article I will outline a training routine for the competitive bodybuilder, or anyone who wants to reach peak physical condition. This program should be started in the eight to twelve weeks out range. Your goal is to become the very best you can be within a certain time frame. If you want to set a goal on where you will place in the contest that is fine too, but remember the real contest is with yourself.