I Turned My Dream into Reality with Precision

Nutrition and Training

By: Joe Fogarty
2003 NPC Georgia Championships MW and Overall Novice division champion.
Joe Fogarty Photographs by: Dr. Raoul Parliticci, Dan Spratt
Magazine 9 #3

Three years of hard training with one goal in mind, "to successfully compete in my first bodybuilding show, within the next year" Sounds like a good goal, doesn’t it? But what was I going to do differently this year than the year before. I definitely needed to improve in order to compete, but my progress was stalled. Then at the 2002 NPC Collegiate Nationals I was introduced to Team Beverly – my personal solution to the competition puzzle.

Joe Fogarty ab pose
For the longest time competing had just been a dream. Now it was reality

I met a lot of great people at the show including Jeremiah Forster from Beverly. Jeremiah talked to me a little about my goals and gave me some copies of the No Nonsense Newsletter and BodyMuscle Journal. As I read through this literature I was especially impressed with Beverly’s honest and realistic approach. Then, at the show one of Beverly’s athletes proved that they really do walk their talk, Mark Ritter won the Collegiate Middleweights, in an impressive manner.

Mark had gained sixteen pounds over the previous two years, while my progress had slowed down to a crawl. I trained as hard as ever but something just wasn’t clicking. I needed a change and was excited about what the Beverly program could do for me. I couldn’t wait to get back to Atlanta and get started.

The Beverly nutrition program immediately jumpstarted my progress. It was like I had found the answer to my bodybuilding dream. The diet was different from any I had followed in the past but it was relatively simple and easy to follow. My first six weeks consisted of a three–week gaining phase followed by a hardening phase for three additional weeks.

I was center stage as I hit pose after pose. The Super Heavyweight was next to me, matching me shot for shot. We were asked to step back as the judges made their decision. Then the promoter stepped to the mic and announced, "In a unanimous decision the winner is... number 15, Joe Fogarty!"

The feeling was indescribable. All the workouts and dieting had paid off. For the longest time competing had just been a dream. Now it was reality.

I would like to thank everyone at Beverly for the time and help they gave me. I’m definitely a Beverly client for life.

"For me, winning isn’t something that happens suddenly on the field when the whistle blows and the crowds roar. Winning is something that builds physically and mentally every day that you train and every night that you dream"
Emmett Smith

Gaining Phase Hardening Phase

When first introduced to Beverly I saw Mark Ritter on stage at the Collegiate Nationals. I decided to follow Mark’s diet for the final 12 weeks leading up to my show.

Mass and Ultra 40 maximized the nutritional density and protein utilization at each of my meals, jumpstarting new muscle growth.

Supplement Program

Meal #1
1 whole egg + 5 egg whites, 8 oz. lean beef, 3/4 cup oatmeal, 1 TBS Olive Oil

Meal #2
3 scoops Ultra Size, 16 oz. Water

5 oz. turkey breast, chicken breast or tuna plus 5 oz. 93% lean beef, 6 oz. red potato or sweet potato or 2/3 cup cooked, rice, 2 cups vegetables

Meal #4
(Pre-workout) 3 scoops Muscle Provider

Meal #5 (Post training) 2 scoops Muscle Provider plus 4 scoops Mass maker, 32 oz. water

Meal #6
8 oz. steak or 10 oz. chicken, turkey or fish, 2 cups spinach or other leafy green vegetable or Salad w/ 2 TBS Newman’s Own Dressing (Oil & Vinegar Dressing)

Meal #7
Ultra Size Crepes: 2 scoops Ultra Size, 1 scoop Muscle Provider, 1 whole egg plus 5 egg whites, and water to the proper consistency

6 – 8 oz. chicken breast plus 1 whole egg and 5 additional egg whites, 1 cup omelet vegetables (onions, peppers, tomatoes) Note: On non–training days, take out 1 scoop of protein from meal 2, then repeat meal 2 for #4, and skip #5.

Hardening Phase
Supplement Program
Same as gaining phase but add: 10 Muscle Mass BCAAs before training, 10–15 additional Muscle Mass during training.

Meal #1
1 whole egg + 5 egg whites, 8 oz. turkey or chicken breast, ½ cup oatmeal, 3 Flax Capsules

Meal #2

3 scoops Ultra Size, 16 oz. Water

Meal 3
same as gaining diet

Meal #4
(Pre–workout) – 2 scoops Muscle Provider Meal #5 (Post training)– 3 scoops Muscle Provider Meal #6 same as gaining diet Meal #7 same as gaining diet Non–training days same adjustment as gaining phase.

  For each muscle group I picked three exercises – performed one or two lighter sets for each to warm–up, then my third set (working set) was trained to failure, always trying to beat my previous best weight or reps. Here is my two days on, one day off training split.

Day One Chest, Biceps
  Day TwoLegs
  Day Three Off
  Day Four Shoulders, Triceps
  Day Five Back, Traps
  Day Six Off
  Day Seven Cycle repeats

Joe Fogarty Double Bicep Pose with Trophy

diet and supplement
program put a razor’s edge
on my conditioning

I enjoyed this type of training because I have always used a slow, strict form and trying to beat my previous best in perfect form encouraged me to get stronger everyworkout. The results were dramatic and would have taken me double the time and effort without the high quality Beverly supplements and diet. I was so thrilled with my results that I started carrying Beverly International products exclusively at Synergy Fitness where I work. It.s a great feeling to know your clients are using the best supplements in the world and getting the results they are paying for.

For the first time I was actually gaining muscle while I stayed lean. I did not have to put on an extra ten pounds of fat just to gain a few more pounds of muscle. At thirteen weeks out from the show I had gained 8 lbs. of new muscle and my body fat was the same as when I started the Beverly program.

It would have taken me at least double the time and effort to achieve my results without the Beverly supplements and diet.

After prejudging my trainer and I went to Long Horn and ate. I ate a little more than I thought I should, but it turned out for the best. It helped me fill out and become a lot more vascular. Back in my room I continued to practice my posing routine and did a touch up on my pro tan, then I was off to the night show. Backstage many of the competitors complimented me and asked what I did to get in such good shape. I told them Beverly, of course!

Joe on stage relaxed

I stepped back to await the judges decision. Then the promoter stepped to
the mic and announced, "In a unanimous decision the winnner is... number 15, Joe Fogarty!

Many of the competitors had heard of Beverly, but instead used what they thought were comparable but cheaper versions of the products. Personally, I’d put too much into my bodybuilding to compromise my results with inferior products. I knew Beverly had given me an advantage over the others, now I was about to see if it was enough to win in my first show.

Note: Creatine Select and Glutamine Select were not yet available. Imagine my gains if I had been able to use these advanced Beverly products.

My posing routine went well and I had a lot of fun putting on a show for the crowd. I won my class then it was time for the overall posedown. As we went through the mandatory poses all I could hear was my family and friends yelling, "Go Joey!" and "Go Stumpy", a nickname I picked up from my buddies referring to my height and off–season condition. Then the announcer said, "Pose down!"

My Nutrition and Supplement Strategy at 2 Weeks Out
This diet and supplement program put a razor’s edge on my conditioning.

Supplement Program

  • Meal # 1 – 2 whole eggs, 4 egg whites, 5 oz. lean beef, ¾ cup oatmeal before cooking.
  • Meal # 2 – Ultra size shake, 1 TBS flax oil, 18 oz. water
  • Meal # 3 – 8oz.. Chicken before cooking, 6oz. Sweet potato or 1 cup cooked rice,
    2 cups salad or vegetable with low cal dressing.
  • Meal #4 – Ultra size shake, 1tbsp flax oil, 18 oz.. Water Post Workout – 6 scoops Mass Maker, 5g L–Glutamine, and 5g Creatine
  • Meal #5 – 12 oz. sirloin steak or fish, 2 cups vegetable or large salad
  • Meal #6 – Ultra size shake, 1tbsp flax oil, 18 oz. water

Supplement Program

The final two weeks I followed the hardening phase supplement plan, increased GH Factor to three before each meal, and added 7–Keto Musclean twice daily. Training and cardio remained the same as before.

Meal #1
6 egg whites 6 oz. 99% lean ground turkey, 1 grapefruit, 2 Flax caps

Meal #2
2 scoops Muscle Provider, 1 scoop 100% Egg, water

Meal #3
8 oz. chicken (weighed prior to cooking) 4 cups salad (lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber, green peppers, etc.) 2 TBL Cider Vinegar and 1 TBS Sunflower Oil (or other vegetable oil) for a dressing Post workout 2 scoops Muscle Provider, 1 scoop 100% Egg, water

Meal #4
6 oz. can tuna, 3 egg whites, 1 tomato

Meal #5
8 oz. lean meat, 2 cups vegetables, 2 Flax caps

Meal #6
Same as meal 2 Monday and Thursday: I had the famous Beverly carb meal in place of meal #6: 1.5 cups oatmeal (precooked) or cooked rice, 10 oz. sweet potato, 4 oz. banana, 1 cup vegetables, 1 TBS butter – no supplements with this meal.