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Volume 9 issue 4 contents

» Dave Candy
Teen and Collegiate Bantamweight National Champion
From years of reading bodybuilding and fitness magazines and websites, I had amassed a fair amount of knowledge about training and nutrition, so I designed a diet and workout program, and a few month’s later, I was onstage at my first show Northern Kentucky Open.

» Missy McKain
My Complete Transformation – 2003 Overall NPC KY Figure Champion
No matter how little I ate or how long I ran, my body sure didn’t even come close to hers. As I admired her strong, shapely physique, Ramona, one of the trainers at the gym, looked at me and said, “You know you could do that.” That’s the day my life changed.

» Mark Dal
Drug Free Pro Bodybuilder – plan to compete, Stay Lean Off Season
One day I was discussing my lack of progress with my friend Dave.

» Sean Andros
Balancing Life for a Student Bodybuilder, both in and out of contest season.

Kristina Henn cemter stage 3rd natiional contest

  My Recipe for Success Kristina Henn Dedication, Commitment and Desire

At my new gym, I made friends with a female bodybuilder and we started training together. My focus changed. I had been training primarily for running and as a tri-athlete. Now weights became my prime focus. My original intention was to do just one show. I placed a close second at the Central States, entered four more competitions during the next twelve months, 3 national qualifiers and 2 national competitions.

9 issue 3

» Mike Milas Putting It All Together – My Best Year In Bodybuilding.

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